This beautiful neighborhood in the North port area will provide you with the Florida lifestyle in a country like setting.

luxury Florida-style in a counrty setting

In Florida's sunny land so bright,
There's a place that's quite a sight,
North Port Estates, oh what a sight,
A peaceful spot that's just right!

Tucked away in Sarasota's space,
A rural spot, a peaceful place,
Large lots and room to breathe,
Tranquility that you won't believe!

Just thirty minutes away,
From cities where you'd want to play,
Fifteen from the beach so fair,
A lovely spot, without a care!

Outdoor fun is all around,
Hiking, biking, and fishing abound,
Golfers too will find a treat,
With courses that simply can't be beat!

The community's close and kind,
With a spirit that's hard to find,
Neighbors who look out for each other,
Like a family, it's like no other!

North Port Estates, oh what a joy,
A place where you can find your joy,
If peace and quiet are what you need,
This spot is the one indeed!